Management is committed to providing products and services that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

All personnel are involved in the fulfilment of this policy.

Quality and Food Safety management is an integral and fundamental part of the management of our organisation.

To achieve the highest level of quality and safety in our processes and services, we ensure that they are carried out effectively through our procedures, which describe our processes; the adoption of the quality management system, aims to achieve compliance with the following commitments:

  • Comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard (Quality Management System).
  • Achieve the maximum in Food Safety, offering a safe product with all the guarantees offered by the current framework in force.
  • Comply with legal, regulatory, statutory, customer and other requirements that affect, ensuring OSH and environmental care.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system, the measures taken for pollution’s prevention, safety and guarantees of workers’ health, facilitating the participation of all workers in the company, as well as the right to be consulted.
  • Analyse and maximise customer satisfaction with our services.
  • Our continuous orientation towards excellence is based on an early identification and eradication of the sources of errors. Prevention always takes priority over correction.
  • Motivate and empower our human resources through appropriate education and training activities as well as OSH.
  • Establish and maintain permanent communication and information channels with our customers, employees, suppliers and society in general.
  • The Quality and Food Safety Policy is made available to the public and interested parties for their information and knowledge.

The Management provides the Management System with all the necessary tools, both documentary and computerised, to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood, developed, and remains in force at all levels of the organisation.

In order to comply with these commitments, every year the company establishes a series of quality objectives and targets (taking advantage of the review and analysis of the Management System by the Management), which may be qualitative or quantitative, but in any case, they must be verifiable in terms of compliance and effectiveness.

The management and the quality coordinator evaluate the progress in the achievement of these objectives when carrying out the periodic review of the Management System.


We are a company dedicated to the production, representation and distribution of quality products designed to accompany consumers in their moments of leisure and happiness.

For this, we have suitable facilities and a qualified team that works day by day to adapt to the needs of our customers, providing personalised services and logistical solutions, with the efficiency and rigour that comes from the experience and knowledge acquired through our consolidated trajectory.


We want to be recognised as the Canary Islands rum brand for its history, excellence and quality, and as the leading distributor in the archipelago, but also committed to national and international expansion.

We aspire for the company’s reputation to position the Canary Islands as the cradle of rum, with a firm commitment to the quality of our products and services. Connecting with the needs of the new generations and maintaining the recognition of the previous ones.

All this through a commitment to continuous improvement and with the ability to adapt to future changes and demands.



Since our beginnings in 1948, we have felt intimately linked to our community and our territory, because they have built our identity. That is why we are proud of our origins and of the people who have contributed their efforts and know-how over the years to make our products an international benchmark.


Only by focusing on quality and accuracy is possible to exceed customer expectations, which is why we concentrate our efforts on complying with the most demanding quality standards. When it comes to offering quality, the only goal we pursue is excellence.


Our vocation for leadership has led us to an unequivocal commitment to innovation in our management processes, products, and services. We are convinced that innovation is the path that allows our company to move forward and grow, thanks to our team’s talent.


Customers are the source and driving force of all our activity. Our commitment to them is one of the pillars on which Destilería de Tejina’s history is based. Meeting customer expectations – even aspiring to exceed them – is the main objective of the professionals who make up the Distillery. In its achievement, we put all our work capacity, service vocation and experience.


We are committed to non-conformity as a guarantee for the continuous improvement of our products and services, and to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Family culture is the identity hallmark that has been present throughout Destilería de Tejina’s business history, representing an inherent quality of our brand.