Distilling the flavour of the
Canary Islands since 1948

There was a time when sugar cane plantation extended throughout the coast of La Laguna in the northeast of Tenerife. Local families’ main income came from its farming, harvesting and distillation. To enhance this intrinsic hallmark of this community, in 1948 Alfredo Martín Reyes, José Rodríguez Tascón and the company Hijos de Juan Rodríguez S.A., join forces and establish the Destilería San Bartolomé de Tejina S.A.

After a few years the Distillery name changed to C.O.C.A.L. (Cooperativa Canaria de Aguardientes y Licores), name that has been popularly remembered ever since. The industrial activity from which this population centre lived, continued to grow until it adopted a regional extension. It is then that the Martín Rodríguez family, owner of Arehucas Distillery and with great presence in the rum sector of the Canary Islands, noticed Destilería de Tejina and decides to join this enterprising family business to its company group.
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